Lady walking through Christchurch dressed as a flower pot

Live music & flowerpot people – a perfect Saturday afternoon

We were keen to get to the Quomps on Saturday afternoon when we heard live music drifting over the rooftops as we walked the dogs into Christchurch. Such a welcome sound after all these months! As part of the Festival Coast Live! programme supported by BCP Council, Mr Eversley was bringing his Caribbean sounds to Christchurch and as the sun was beaming down, we bought ice-creams and sat alongside the Quay overlooking the River Stour and enjoyed the tunes.

Things took a turn towards the bizarre when I spotted a group of people with flowerpots as heads walking through the park! I had to do a double take, but my eyes were not deceiving me. The Natural Theatre Company were doing their thing - bringing their brilliant and bizarre walkabout characters to the streets of Christchurch knowing that now, more than ever, people need a few belly laughs. Once the flowerpots were safely stored, we were treated to an assortment of traffic wardens directing the bemused onlookers.

Sometime later the Mother Ukers sound checked on the stage and so we made haste to the Boathouse to secure the perfect seats for the main event. We were joined by friends as the 3-piece ukulele band began their set and we enjoyed a foot tapping hour of music from across the decades, which blended rock, pop, 60’s and blues. Looking around we saw families and friends sat on blankets, sharing picnics enjoying this sunny afternoon of live music, some were even dancing on their blankets as they let their bodies move to the music. The upbeat and cheerful Mother Ukers were a perfect soundtrack to this afternoon and a taste of things to come, over the summer months, on our Festival Coast.

Lady walking through Christchurch dressed as a flower pot
A 3-piece ukulele band playing at Christchurch band stand
person dressed in blue outfit with a flower pot on their head